What I Have Been Doing 2016-2017

Before I post my 2017 Resolution, let’s list out and organize out what I am doing now. Cause honestly, I think I am doing too much at once. I need to trim down and focus. Ok, so here goes!

  • MIT’s 6.00.1x Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python course
    • Just started this week. I am regretting it a bit now, cause it is asking my to install Anaconda right away, and the last time I did that it messed up my localhost Django practice page – conda does not get along with pip and virtualenv. This is definitely going to be more focus on data science than just Python. I like Python a lot, so a lot of time I forget most people use it for data science, not web development.
  • Functional Programming, cause I want to learn React.
    • This is growing into a monster. I only know basic vanilla JS and jQuery from like 2 years ago when I first got into web dev. One month of study, and I am now on 3 different tutorial cause everyone talks about a different aspect of modern JS. This is what happened:
      1. At first, someone recommended me to watch funfunfunction’s Youtube channel Functional programming in JavaScript. Oh, he’s funny indeed… Oh my god how much had JavaScript changed in the last 2 years!?!?!? Promises? Currying? Map? Filter? What Da H?
      2. Google. Google. How come the functions are all written differently (<— was not fully aware of the whole ES5-ES6-ES7 tangle of mess)
      3. Maybe my foundation just isn’t good. I had never read the holy grail JS book, Eloquent JavaScript. They were just talking about how good it is in the Women Who Code JS Meetup. Let’s do it. Oh, Wes Bos have a really cool video called JavaScript 30? Even better. I will make myself program once a day in JS! Let’s do both.
      4. Combining Eloquent’s Chapter 5 content with Wes Bos’ Array Cardio part 1 and part 2 was really good in helping me to finally understand higher order functions like map() and reduce().
      5. Decided to do Eloquent exercise – which is in ES5 – with ES6/7 instead to learn the differences between the versions.
      6. Wait, wait, wait. Why is object and prototype completely different between ES5 and ES6!? And the constructor! The class! What is even count as object in JS? (<— comes from a C++/PHP7 background)
      7. Found Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja in Barnes & Nobles. Great, another book. But I need it, cause it will explains what on earth is going on with this function-object JavaScript mess.
    • Correction, I am on 1 Youtube channel, 1 video tutorial, and 2 books all at once.
    • Told ya it’s a monster.
  • Doing a side project website of Drupal cause I wanted to brush up on for my internship. Which resulted in learning Bootstrap on Treehouse, cause the theme I selected is based on bootstrap. At least this one’s almost done.
  • The Drupal site is worked on while reading Beginning Drupal 8 by Todd Tomlinson.
  • Revamp of my website, which is PHP.
  • Yea, I am taking on way too much. I think I am going to put a pause on my Drupal project and reading (currently chapter 10)… Should work on my web page first.

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