Day Four: Delays, Prismatic to CodeColorer, and New Repo


While I love volunteering at Sunday Streets as route captain, when the event is hosted at Alamo Square, my leg muscle does not love it.

For those who don’t live in SF, Alamo Square is on quite the hill. Sunday Street is an open street event, so the only way to travel long distance is by bicycling. As a captain, I was going back and forth several times to check up or resolve issues the whole day. Got plenty of exercises and vitamin D – but also got plenty of muscle sore to last the week.

I didn’t got much done on Sunday, and I pass out from delayed tiredness on Monday – thankfully I don’t have work that day. Naturally, there were no post updated yesterday. I am somewhat recovered today, so here’s some updates:

Prismatic to CodeColorer

After the last few post, I realize I really would like to post the codes I wrote without having to take a snapshot picture each time. It is probably best to go with a WordPress plugin for code snippet display, possibly with syntax highlight. There are several in the market.

Prismatic seems like a popular one. It was recently updated. Documentations and options are rich. Reviews are quite positive.

Sadly, the plugin didn’t seem to work.

Using Firefox’s Inspector, I notice that there are inline css that overwrites the styles for <code> and <pre>. I suspected it was the Edit CSS feature of Jetpack. Jetpack’s CSS tends to be loaded later in the process, so it have a higher risk of overwriting other plugins.

Unfortunately, I don’t fancy removing my Jetpack plugin. I did attempted to increase the loading order by turning the minification off using Jetpack’s own filterjetpack_implode_frontend_css -, but it didn’t seemed to have any effects. Trying to unset CSS in the child theme’s Editor and Jetpack’s Edit CSS didn’t work either.

In the end, I just tried another plugin called CodeColorer. Now, that one works! I had to change some of the CSS to correct width issues with the line numbering column, but once that’s done, it works fine!

<h3>Hello World!</h3>

New Github Repo

After some thought, I decided to start a new repo instead of sticking with my old Nextbus Compare repo. I am starting from scratch, so it is more of a rewriting a new app instead of a refactor. Create a new repo for a fresh start makes sense and would be much more simpler. The new repo will be Nextbus Compare V2!

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