SquareSpace: Day One

So, for my Web Development class, we formed a team (in my case, of three people) to helped a real-life client with the assistance from students in the Visual Media Design department. My client wanted to maintain it using SquareSpace, so my team will be working with this platform. We just got the admin account. So I did a quick look over, and here was my notes:
  • Things pop-up and/or expand everywhere I mouse move to and whenever I click a button by accident. Too much going on. *SquareSpace suddenly expands full screen* Stop Moving!
  • *Explore the site for about ten more minutes and finally starting to get used to the flow*
  • … so:
  • They have a pre-made event page that will allow visit to import the events via either Google Calender or ICS. No Google Plugin necessary. You can make it a list or the google-like square boxes, except it look much more smooth and modern:


  • To insert more fonts (which my team may do depending on what the graphic students decides), we can go to Design -> Advanced, and add in a Typekit kit ID.
  • Our client may be able to accept credit payment via a an account on Stripe. She has somewhat of a complex system going on because she’s link to another, larger non-profit. We probably have to check it out with her later.

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