Spacing is both hilarious and frustrating on Squarespace

Now I know why most of the Squarespace website I looked up seem so… spacious.

Here I was, trying to put a Twitter button, Facebook Page button, and a Mailchimp subscription button at the footer.

Spend like 2 hours on it.

But I can’t get them in one space!

There is no adjusting space between images! So now there is a pacific ocean of space between each of the button.

Personally, that really irritates me. My teammates and design teammates had a good laugh when they saw the footer though. At least it brought some joy. At my expense, but some joy nevertheless.

So far, the only way to solve it is to add empty text boxes on the side of the images in order to squeeze the images together. The problem is that such structure is not mobile friendly, since the space block and button image button would stack on top of each other in smaller screen. Sure, with the social media feature on Squarespace, I can put the Twitter and Facebook page button together in one block – if I have password-access to the Facebook page. Sadly, it is linked to my client’s personal Facebook page, and she didn’t feel comfortable about giving the password information for that account. Maybe I can adjust the CSS to reduce the space, but trying to put the current css tag in the style editor of Squarespace is a nightmare.

After that, I still to make it so that the mail button would pop a mail subscription box. Personally, I think that will actually be easier than fixing the spacing.

Such a simple task in regular css, but such a hassle on a strict web page builder. Building the basic website structure really is easy on Squarespace, but the details… you get something, you lose something else *Sighs*

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