Quotes: Bejamin De Cock in Net Mag

I enjoyed reading the interview with Benjamin De Cock in Net Magazine. The quote here:

Question everything. The ‘obvious’ solution to a problem, the default interface paradigms, even the product itself or feature you’re working. Nothing should be taken for granted. Unique, innovative experiences come from designers questioning the status quo and going the extra mile.

Benjamin De Cock ‘s advice for complex interaction that are also obvious in Net Magazine, March 2016 issue.

is one of my favorite. I’ve been so focus on learning the tech portion of web development, so it is good reminder whenever I read something about the design portion again. He also talked about the importance of iterating design, which was a key lesson I learned in architecture school. Good design practices applies to all production industries, no matter if it is for 3D items like buildings or 2D like website.

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