Website planning 06/01/2015

Notes for website:

Need to create a portfolio image tile generator.

  1. Create a directory: largeTile
  2. Create a function that generate table with cell number based on number of image in largeTile.
  3. Generate the image with link. Variable $imgName.
  4. When hover in desktop/laptop, image becomes translucent with title stated.
  5. When tap in mobile, insert title above image within the table.

How to catalog?

  • Bookmarks image on top. Acts a navigator.
  • Clicked/Tap: Remove all cell holding images in according to bookmark selected.
    • Each cell has its own name.
    • Clicking the table means the whole page reloads.
  • Or, I can pre-catalog by directories beforehand. In normal view, the generator crawls through all sub-directories. In selected view, it crawls through only the sub-directories with name of bookmark.
  • Would need a flag. $bookmarked.

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