Errata for Getting MEAN with Mongo, Express, Angular, and Node

Now that I have completed my CCSF courses, I have decided to learn the MEAN stack between my job hunts. I have found Getting MEAN with Mongo, Express, Angular, and Node by Simon Holmes to be quite excellent so far. However, it is from 2014, and it is not unusual for tech books to have errors.

This is my page for keeping track of errors in the book. Currently, I am in Chapter 4, so this post will be continually updated until I finish the book.

Note that sometimes I would remove existing code and retype the codes from the book, even if the code was build-in during the npm install. I do it because it makes it easier for me to learn how all the code work. That also mean I would spot mistake from the book that people who just use the default code from npm install may not come across, either because it was corrected in later npm versions or a mistype on the author’s part. I found mistake-discovery entertaining, but it may confused readers, so… ya, just a heads up on corrections that may not need corrected.

So, here goes the errata:

  • Listing 3.5: the line p Welcome to #{title.} will create an error due to the period behind title. Move it to outside the curly braces instead ( p Welcome to #{title}. )
  • Listing 4.5: doctype html was changed to doctype 5. Don’t copy that. It’s still doctype html.
  • Listing 4.8: The paragraph above the listing stated that reader should create a file name named location-review-form.jade. The listing title stated “View for the Add Review page, app_server/views/location-review.form.js” The later is a type. It should still be location-review-form.jade and not js.
  • Listing 4.5.1: Sometimes, the term list.jade is used. It’s actually locations-list.jade.

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