IDF 2016 Reflection: Chromebook, IOT, Microcontroller, Robots, and Drones

During the Intel Developer Forum on Wednesdat, I went to 4 panels. It was definitely aimed more at the more advanced professional in software development. Thankfully, their paper schedule indicated what level is the panels. I stuck to the first and second levels:

Google Play on Chrome OS

I have a Nexus tablet, so I already know Android and Google device goes fine together. So what’s the difference? Turns out Android can now run on Chrome OS unmodified. I am not familiar with the kernel behind Chromebook, but there are enough similarity to what I learned in Linux class that I am not too confused.

IDF 2016: Android Runs Alongside Chrome
Diagram is always good.

I like that it took a good amount of time talking about security and how the role of containerization play into it. One of the presenter hilariously shared the story his new game addiction overnight because he was practicing an Android game on Chromebook for this presentation:

IDF Slides: Android Game on Chrombook
He’s not too bad for someone that just picked up that game.

I would not have expect to see to be able to play something like that on a small laptop like Chromebook.

The end was particularly useful for app developer as they talked about what to look out for, such as how hard coding touch, sensor, and camera can cause problem on Chrome OS. The same goes for some specific hardware and software features that wouldn’t apply to Chromebook device. In those case, Google Play will actually filter the app, so that user never see them. According to the presenters, users should sanitize the manifest (meaning remove unnecessary hard-code) and ensure compatibility with x86 libraries & binaries

Shape the Personal Home Gateway

Being new to the subject, I have never considered how the use of IOT device can affect wifi in a house.

IOT 2016 Slide: Today's Home Challenges
A good list of home challenges for IOT use.

According to presenter, they had one client who have 32 IOTs. Thirty-Two! It’s a family of 5, but it is still pretty amazing. I found the Intel simulation for wifi usage that he showed us very neat and revealing.

IDF 2016 Slides: Intel Wifi Access Point
Their presentation have very amount of diagrams and text.
IDF 2016 Slides: Wifi Ready for Explosive Growth
It’s growing~

Development with tinyTILE Utilizing Intel Technology
The presentation started out cool. TinyTile is, indeed, tiny. But then the next presentation talked a bit too much about the company and it took forever to get to how TinyTile is used – the company makes smart collars for dogs. I ended up slipping away onto another panel…

IDF 2016: Dogs joined us in the Tinytile workshop
Dogs also got to enjoy the presentation.

Open Source Solutions for Network Intelligence
With about 20 minutes left, I quickly skimmed over what panels were going on. Since I like Open Source, the name of this panel caught my eyes. I rushed over and caught the end of the talk, and learned that Intel wanted to engage the Opensource community. So that’s something to look forward to. They were also talking about something “FPGA for ML”. Turns out FPGA is Field-Programmable Gate Array and ML is Machine Learning.

In hindsight, I should had pay attention that the last 2 sentence of the panel title – Network Intelligence. I took an Intro to Network class and is working through Beej’s Guide to Network Programming.

…..So yea, I was a bit out of my depth.

End of Day
I think I understood and absorbed maybe about 50% of the overall material in the conference? It did got me hyped up about IOT, and I finally got around to compile a purchase list and order the Arduino materials I needed for the exercise book I brought. (the required material is not cheap once the price is totaled, so I have been delaying it.). I mean, the showcase hall is gigantic! There were so many booths. All I got to do was walked about for 30 minutes before I had to leave for an Intro to Node class at Galvanize though, so I was a little bumped.

Here are some fun pictures and a video of a flying drone:

IDF 2016 Showcase: PlayRTC and Pikachu
The Pikachu is watching you!

IDF 2016: EZ-Robot

IDF Booth: Robot
Some cool looking robots

There is a stage area just for drone demo!!!

Update 8/30:

Almost forgot – Intel passed out maker badge for attendee to make, so here an image of mine’s:

IDF16: Intel's Maker Badge